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We Are Channel Partner And Sole Distributor In India For The Following Multinationals

RMC-UK - Global pioneer in on-line and off-line compressor washing system, compressor washing fluid for gas turbines & aero engines. We have been a proud supplier & service provider of compressor washing system and fluid to Indian Air Force for Jaguar Adour engines for more than decades. We can also design and supply custom made fluid delivery system & injection nozzles to suit any engine application

HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. - GLOBAL LEADER for aircraft products like, a) Environmental Control Systems, b) Engine Systems & Accessories, c) Power Management & Generation Systems and d) Support Equipment & e) Oxygen supply system including oxygen mask for pilots.

PCC Fasterners (PRECISION CASTPARTS CORPORATION) – PIONEER & GLOBAL LEADER in manufacturing aerospace fasteners, engineered products of Aero Structures for various types of Defence and Civil Aviation Aircraft.

JOSS ENGINEERING SERVICES – They are a premier engineering service provider for entire Europe for Aerospace fasteners, precision engineering & services, fabrication and Industrial supplies & consumables.

FENNER PRECISION – They are major manufacturer of silicon sheets, which are used as vacuum bags for composite moulding. They are also major manufacturer of belts, rollers, tyres, mouldings, sheeting & specialist components, from smallest drive belt to giant turbine seals, engineered for precise performance and size.

SPS TECHNOLOGIES – It’s a group company of PCC Aerospace and is the largest manufacturer of high performance, high strength speciality fasteners for critical applications, severe environments and for defence Aerospace. They have been an industry leader in this area for over 100 years.

Our Prestigious Customers

  • Indian Air Force
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
  • Aeronautical Development Agency
  • Dynamatics Technologies Limited
  • Indian Space Research Organisation
  • TATA Advance Materials Limited
  • TATA Aerospace Limited
  • Other Aerospace related industries