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Welcome To R-MC Power Recovery (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Our Principal M/S RMC power Recovery Ltd. UK, design and manufacture engine cleaning systems that help with the restoration of power output and maximize its revenue potential, of Gas Turbines for the service providers for R-MC UK, the parent company. At R-MC Power Recovery (India) Pvt. Ltd. We use multi-high pressure fluid injection system along with optimum size droplets and surface-activity chemistry so that consumers are provided with matchless engine cleaning solutions. We take pride in having a thorough understanding of fouling mechanisms in compressors to provide solution for taking care of compressor fouling.

We apply this know-how for the welfare of engine types of a various range, including automotive, aviation, industrial power generation gas turbines, and marine propulsions. R-MC India is a proud supplier of Adour Engine compressor washing rigs for the Indian Air Force and has continued our services post the CWR commissioning. So, should you need engine cleaning systems of premium quality, look no further than R-MC Power Recovery (India) Pvt. Ltd

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Our Range Of Products And Services Includes:

  • Gas Turbine Compressor On / Off-Line Washing
  • Exhaust NOx Emission Reduction
  • Gas Path Cleaner, Charge Air Coolers, and Turbochargers
  • OEM-Approved Cleaning Fluids And Wash Skids
  • Patented Aqueous Base Cleaning Fluids And On/Off-line delivery systems
  • Aircraft / Aviation Spare Parts

Want to know more about our products and services? Interested in placing an order at R-MC Power Recovery (India) Pvt. Ltd? Contact us today.

We have recently diversified into distribution/repair maintenance of following!

  • Aerospace Fasteners from PCC fasteners and JOSS Engineering.
  • Defence, Aerospace products for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts from Honeywell.
  • Repair / maintenance of Avionics.